Alternate Feed Stock For Ethanol Production

Due to its favorable effects on the environment, ethanol is among the most interesting biofuels. Currently, it is primarily made from raw materials that contain sugar and starch. A feedstock for ethanol can be almost any plant-based substance.

Improvement of Condensate Polishing Unit in Alcohol Distillery using OxzyTreat

The condensate generated from the multiple effect evaporators (MEE) of alcohol distilleries is loaded with high chemical oxygen demand (COD) and volatile acids (VA). Generally, Condensate Polishing Unit (CPU) based on anaerobic-aerobic process

The Key Parameters to Optimize Biogas Production

Utilization of byproducts is key to the sustainability of any industry and creation of wealth is gaining momentum from industrial waste/byproducts. Generation of biogas using anaerobic digestion is one such best innovations and has been seen as an alternate source to petroleum products.

Why Enzymes are Important in Malt Extraction?

Enzymes functions as a catalyst that speeds up the rate of reactions. These organic substances accelerate the chemical reactions and retain their composition even after completing the reaction. The enzymes play a key role in the process of mashing

Catalysts Connect

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