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Green Chemistry-A Boon to our Society

Green chemistry is one of the most explored topics these days. It is one of the newest and rapidly
emerging branch of chemistry. Its inception aims to reduce or eradicate the production of harmful
by-products and ecologically optimizing the desired product.

Moreover it encompasses anything from reducing waste to even disposing of waste correctly. It aids
in the disposal of all chemical waste that can damage or harm the environment and living beings in
the best possible manner.

Let’s have a look as to how it benefits our environment and human health:

  • Provides clean air: Less release of hazardous chemicals to air leads to less damage to the
  • Increases environment safety for workers in the chemical industry. Reduction in use of toxic
    materials reduces the requirement of personal protective equipment and potential for
  • Safer food: Helps in the reduction of toxic chemicals that can enter the food chain through
    use of safe pesticides that are toxic only for specific pests and degrade rapidly after use.
  • Lower potential for global warming, ozone depletion and smog formation.
  • Plants and animals suffer less harm from toxic chemicals in the environment with the help of
    green chemistry.
  • Fewer chances of chemical disruption of ecosystems.
  • Reduction in use of landfills, especially hazardous waste landfills.

Green chemistry is not only good for life on Earth but also for different businesses too:

  • Higher yields for chemical reactions, consuming smaller amounts of feedstock to obtain the
    similar amount of product output.
  • Limited synthetic steps, often allowing faster manufacturing of products, increasing plant
    capacity and saving energy and water.
  • Reducing waste, eliminating hazardous waste disposal and end-of-the-pipe treatments.
  • Improving competitiveness of chemical manufacturers and their customers.

In a nutshell, Green chemistry is at the emerging position. Companies like Catalysts Biotechnologies
Pvt. Ltd. and other manufacturing industries are adopting and promoting its philosophy. Catalysts
group, maintains a focus on keeping the environment clean by developing sustainable technologies.
Catalysts offers its services to the customers in alcohol, sugar, brewing, starch industries to name a
few…. to focus on comprehensive water management and recycling of water with an endeavour to
attaining zero liquid discharge in line with the regulatory requirement. Under the ambit of
wastewater management segment, our scientific research team focuses on the following areas,
which have either been developed or are in the advanced stages of development:

  • COD removal using biological and chemical agents
  • Ammonia, Sulphide removal
  • Induction/enhancement in biodegradation (anaerobic and aerobic)
  • Resource Recovery
  • Recycle & Reuse
  • pH Boosters and Buffers

We can safely say that this is an evolution of chemistry that has and will continue to lead to scientific
innovations for environmental protection and thereby improvement in quality of life.

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