• QWhat qualifications do I need to apply to Catalysts ?

    Your qualification requirements depend on the position you are applying for. Click here to learn more about the roles we

  • QHow can I check the status of my application ?

    You can contact our HR Team @ +91 120 4104681 once you have submitted your application.

  • QThere are no positions currently listed that match my interests, can I still submit my resume ?

    Yes, you can apply for multiple positions at the same time. We will provide you with the right opportunity depending on our requirements.

  • QCan I apply for more than one position at the same time ?

    Yes you can still submit your resume. Based on the details given by you, your resume will be retrieved when suitable
    openings are available.

  • QWhen can I expect an appraisal ?

    We have a structured half-yearly & annually appraisal cycle. We believe in meritocracy and all employees are appraised
    based on their performance during the past year.